As the result of the Covid 19 pandemic, our office is taking steps to carefully plan for a safe return to practice for both patients and staff. To that end, we are implementing the following procedures which must be followed by both our patients and staff. The priority of this plan is to ensure the safety of our patients and staff and to minimize the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.


  1. PRE-SCREENING FOR SYMPTOMS - One day prior to arrival, patients will be informed of our changes in office procedures. Patients will be screened with the Covid 19 Self Assessment tool at https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en and told to stay home and call 8-1-1 if symptoms are present. Staff will also complete the self assessment tool daily.


  2. UPON ARRIVAL – Patients will again be verbally screened upon arrival and will sign a waiver detailing our office procedures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and again confirm the written self assessment tool.


  3. RECEPTION PROTOCOLS – Chiropractic appointments will be spaced 15 minutes apart and massage therapy appointments will be spaced out with 30 minutes between appointments to allow abundant time for cleaning and disinfecting. Patients will be told to attend their appointment alone except in special circumstances, as no patients will be allowed to sit in the reception area. Patients will be told not to arrive early, and will have to wait outside the office or in their vehicle until told it is safe to enter. Physical distancing will be required at all times other than in treatment rooms.


  4. ENHANCED CLEANING AND DISINFECTING PROCEDURES - Upon entry and exit of the clinic, all patients will be required to either wash their hands in the patient washroom or use the hand sanitizer provided at the front desk. All practioners will also wash/sanitized hands immediately before and after treatments. BCCDC hand washing poster has been posted in patient washroom. All possible treatment table surfaces and other high touch surfaces will be disinfected with approved cleaners between each appointment and all linens will be single use only, then laundered appropriately.


  5. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – Masks are not required, but practioners may wear a cloth mask. Patients will be encouraged to bring a mask with them if desired. A disposable mask may be available for a minimal fee but is avoided if possible to conserve resources for front-line health care workers.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time!


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Here's what our patients have to say:

"After years of headaches and a sore, stiff neck I decided to seek some relief. Dr. Kole was patient with me and answered all concerns I had about chiropractic. He treated my condition and I have to say that I am now pain free and have no problem whatsoever turning my head. I never expected to have such excellent results. Thank you so much Dr. Kole!"

- B.D. West Kelowna


I have been a patient at Chiropractic Connection for one year.  It was painful desperation that led me there, but it was the compassion and caring attitude shown to me by Dr. Kole and his staff that has kept me going back. After years of painful episodes in my low back, I had convinced myself that “this too shall pass”, and had given very little thought to ever involving a chiropractor.  I now regret allowing such shortsightedness to prevent me from seeking proper attention for this ongoing issue.

Much to my relief, a quick and painless adjustment gave immediate results, and I was able to walk upright a moment later.  Sadly, an x-ray that followed revealed degeneration had begun to occur and although likely not reversible, it is quite manageable.  Dr. Kole took the time to explain my options, including occasional adjustments to manage the pain, drugs as prescribed by one’s family doctor, or a more long term treatment plan that would not only produce the results I wanted, but would slow down the degenerative process as well. Dr. Kole spoke positively about each one of these methods, leaving the final decision up to me. The choice seemed obvious, and I decided on long term care with Dr. Kole

One year later, I am thrilled to have full range mobility, and have yet to experience another one of the “episodes” that brought me in to Chiropractic Connection that fateful day.  I would recommend Dr. Kole’s services to anyone who has any doubts about the benefits of chiropractic care, and to anyone who has any fears or hesitations about the process itself.



After 25 years of knee problems and inflammation, I noticed the swelling had visibly come down after having K-Laser therapy.  I’m very pleased with the K-Laser as well as the chiropractic treatments I’ve received at Chiropractic Connection.  Thanks so much Dr. Kole!

Shawnda H.


Thanks to Dr. Kole and Sharon at Chiropractic Connection.  My son Alec had a knee injury but was able to compete in his freestyle ski competition and won a silver medal!  The K-Laser really helped his knee to recover and heal.  Everyone should try the K-Laser.



I was about two weeks post op from ACL reconstruction when I arrived at your clinic. My leg was very swollen and I had very limited range of motion. Most unfortunate of all was my “good leg” (which had also been injured), was having to do double duty and was also very sore.

After only a couple of laser treatments I could see great improvements. The swelling was reduced and the pain was much relieved. Both legs were functioning much better. I continued to pursue a full rehabilitation exercise program and I believe that the laser treatments made the exercises less painful and easier to do. I am now full weight bearing and capable of a full range of motion.

I know that there is no “magic bullet” but I am convinced that your laser therapy was an integral and important part of my recovery and I fully intend to return for more treatment as needed.

I enjoyed meeting you and your great staff and wish to thank you for taking such good care of my problems.

Fran S.



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